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303 Products

Penchant for protection? 303® products offer a diverse line of 5-star protectants and cleaners worthy of your high standards. Established in America in 1980, 303® has been the premium choice for avid boaters, car enthusiasts, homeowners and those who refuse to settle for any less than the best. No other brand works as hard to keep the things you love like new, longer.

303® Products developed the world’s first UV-screening treatment. 303® sets the industry standard for UV protection on virtually any surface. 303® Protectant was created for the aviation/aerospace industry to protect rubber and plastics against UV and ozone degradation.

303® specialised cleaning and protection products are designed and formulated to be used on a wide-range of surfaces including all rubber, vinyl, plastic, fabric and leather materials.

303® Fabric Guard is the recommended fabric protection product of Sunbrella who are the largest manufacturer of outdoor and weather resistant materials in the world.