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Since 1989, BAK Industries has been dedicated to truck bed protection. Since they exploded onto the scene, this Southern California-based company made a name manufacturing top-quality truck bed covers. You can pick up one of our BAK tonneau covers and see the quality first-hand.

BAK tonneau covers are functional, durable, and provide an accurate fit. One of the best examples of BAK’s stellar quality is the BAK Revolver X4S. This hard-rolling tonneau uses aluminum slats and specially treated vinyl for unmatched durability. Its sleek, low-profile design and customized fit make this tonneau highly sought after.

BAK Industries has plenty of excellent tonneau covers to choose from. You may also enjoy the BAK MX4 BakFlip, a resilient hard folding tonneau that protects your truck bed while making it easy to access when needed. BAK tonneau covers provide reliable security, function, and protection, and they do it all with style.

Pickup trucks have come a long way, and have evolved beyond their strictly-utility beginnings. However, no matter how you use your truck, whether it’s for a trip to the mall or to the lumberyard, the fact remains that above all else, the key feature of a pickup truck is the bed.

That’s why it is so important to take care of the bed and protect it from wear and tear and exposure to the elements. At BAK Industries, we have developed a line of tonneau cover products that help keep your truck functional and beautiful.

Because everyone uses their truck differently, there is no single right solution. That’s why BAK Industries offers the BAKFlip, the TiltBAK and the RollBAK. Each is designed for a different need, but they all share the hallmarks of BAK Industries products: durability, reliability and quality.