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Parent company Adrian’s Inc. was founded in 1991. Bednet® Cargo Control Solutions introduced its first product, the Bednet® Original, in 1997 and has become the cargo control solution of choice for many large fleets. For nearly two decades Bednet® has continued introducing innovative cargo control solutions for all types of vehicle fleets including pickups, passenger vehicles, work and utility trucks, cargo vans and UTV/ATVs.

Freight Saver Cargo Control products were introduced in 2001 to provide cargo and driver safety for dry vans and box vans.

In 2015 under the brand Adrian’s Safety Solutions, rack safety solutions products for the material handling industry were introduced. The simple, yet effective Rack Safety Straps and the Rack Safety Nets keep large, palletized items from falling into the flue space at the back of the rack. Whether using safety straps or safety netting, these products help prevent pallet push-through. Read more about how we developed our material handling solutions.

Adrian’s Safety Solutions, Freight Saver and Bednet® partner with customers to create custom solutions for specific or unique cargo control or material handling needs.