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Air Bag Suspension

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Any truck is capable of a smooth, level driving experience. All it takes is an air bag suspension kit to get you there. These air suspension systems are designed to give you more control over your truck and keep its frame from buckling under pressure. If you, like many truck owners, are used to hauling huge loads, then an air suspension system is perfect for you!

If you’re already familiar with this suspension and have a kit, we sell individual air suspension parts as well. This includes replacement sleeves and bellows for select trucks. We carry everything you need for solid performance under tough conditions! So shop with Action Trucks today.

With an air bag suspension kit, any vehicle can get a smooth, level ride. Whether you’re using a truck, trailer, or SUV, you can instantly improve your ride quality, handling, and braking. An air bag suspension is especially useful when you’re handling large loads, including towing jobs.

Air suspension systems are set apart from leaf spring kits because of the air bags they use. These bags act similar to a balloon: the bags are filled with air, and this pressurized air acts like a spring. An air bag suspension is incredibly efficient at absorbing impact. You’re also capable of customizing how much air goes into your air suspension system. For example, you can use high air pressure when you’re towing, and then deflate the bags for everyday driving.

Even if you already have an air suspension, you can find individual air suspension parts to rebuild or improve upon the kit you already have. We sell air suspension line fittings, replacement helper spring sleeves, and many other essential parts needed to operate your kit.