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Performance Air Intake Systems

A well-designed performance air intake system can boost the power of a truck more than you think. Action Trucks proudly carries the best-designed performance air intake systems on the market, including air intake systems from world-renowned manufacturers K&N, aFe and more. Give your truck the power boost it deserves with any of these intake systems.

Many car and truck owners are eager to get more power out of their vehicles. If you're one of the countless drivers who want greater engine performance, cold air intakes are one of the easiest, most effective ways to do it. A performance air intake uses cold air to increase your engine's combustion power. It might be just what you need to get top-notch performance out of your truck.

Your vehicle's factory air filter and air intake system are restrictive. Their narrow passages make it easy for dirt to build up inside them, clogging airways further and causing engine performance to lag. Performance air intakes have large-diameter tubing that allows air to flow through them more easily. These air intakes also use colder, denser air that's richer in oxygen. More oxygen allows for greater combustion, which in turn can improve horsepower and throttle response. Cold air intakes also come with larger reusable air filters that are more effective at trapping dirt and shielding your engine from heat.

If you're already enjoying the advantages of cold air intakes, you can keep engine performance consistent by replacing worn or faulty air intake parts. We sell individual parts that further extend the life of your filter. Greater horsepower is only a click away at Action Trucks.