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Everyone knows that truck beds are fantastic for storage space, but left as-is, that storage space is all one big, open box. Most of the time you won’t even use up all your space when you’re hauling cargo. With all this empty space, loose objects can slide around your truck bed and cause damage to themselves and your truck. If you rely on your pickup for storage, then you need a way to make your truck bed safe and efficient. And what better way to maximize your truck bed usage than with a truck bed slide?

A bed slide by Cargo-Ease or Decked are perfect systems for making your truck’s tools more organized and accessible. It’s a truck bed slide out toolbox that turns your pickup into a giant drawer, giving you easy access to whatever you’re carrying. And you never have to worry about damage or theft. With a bed slide, all your important supplies are kept safe in a secure, weatherproof container.

These slides are versatile tools because they’re capable of storing just about anything. From power tools to fishing supplies, from camping gear to ammo, your cargo slides out quickly and easily. With different sizes available, and with popular truck makes supported, including Sierra, Silverado, and RAM, you’re sure to find a storage solution that works for you.

These truck bed slide out drawers are an innovative, secure solution that’s bound to satisfy any pickup owner. If you’re looking for a way to use your truck’s storage space to its fullest, this is the tool for you!