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Meyer Snow Plows - A Buyers Guide

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You may not realize it, but if you have a truck or SUV, you have a potential snow plow ready to go. snow plows that you can attach to the front of your truck or SUV are a great way to clear your property, driveway, or small business parking lot. Action sells a wide variety of snow plows, and one of our most quality suppliers is Meyer. We are one of the major Meyer snow plow dealers in Canada. If you're looking for a Meyer snow plow, we have you covered with several popular plows. Read More...

Truck Toppers on Sale - Discount Truck Caps


Action Trucks currently has a large number of discount truck caps available in-store for clearance specials. These are fantastic deals on discount truck toppers that include showroom display models, factory seconds, and some older units that might have slight damage or missing components. These are quality caps from quality brands with a major discount in price that won't affect the cap's essential functions. Read More...

Towing and Trailer Accessories Guide


Whether you tow trailers and cargo as your job, as a side gig for extra cash, or for recreational reasons, it just makes sense to have the right towing and trailer accessories—ones that safely and efficiently get you where you need to go. Read More...

Gifts for Truck Lovers


If you’ve got a truck lover or two (or ten) on your shopping list, then this post is for you! When someone loves their truck, then these are the types of gifts that will make their birthday or holiday even more special—and, as soon as the celebration is complete, you’ll likely find them putting your gifts right to use. Read More...

A Guide to Truck Bed Accessories


From ramps to racks and rails, from mats and liners to slides, extenders and more, there are plenty of easy to install truck bed accessories available today to add functionality, organization, security, and style to your vehicle. To help you to maximize the use and durability of your truck, here are eight of the best pickup truck bed accessories to add to your shopping list. Read More...

A Guide to Seat Covers


Seat covers for trucks, cars, and other vehicles protect the seats from damage and can make them more comfortable, while also making the vehicle look more attractive. There are universal seat covers and custom seat covers, each of which can be constructed from durable protective materials, and what’s important is to select what’s best for your unique wants and needs. Read More...

How To Plow Snow


Snow plows didn’t begin to become patented until the 1840s, with early ones being put into use in the 1860s. One of the earliest practical models attached a plow to a cart, with teams of horses pulling it through snowy roads. Several years later, steam trains would come with a plow attached during wintry months to travel down the tracks so they could transport passengers to their jobs and more in all but the worst weather. A few cities tried putting salt on the roads, but people complained: “because it ruined the streets for sleighing and damaged pedestrian's shoes and clothing.” So, sand became the substance of choice when trying to melt ice. Read More...

Performance Parts for Trucks


When it comes to all-out performance, most trucks roll off of the assembly line with a number of compromises. Automakers are practically forced into sacrificing horsepower, style, and off-road capabilities in the name of everyday comfort and fuel efficiency. Read More...