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A Buyers Guide to Floor Liners and Floor Mats


With over 5,500 floor liners and floor mats to choose from, Action Truck knows a few things about floor mats and floor liners. Below we break it down for you so you can make an informed decision when selecting what’s best for you. We’ll start with floor mats and then move on to floor liners later in the article.

Floor Mats vs Floor Liners

Although these terms are often used interchangeably, there are differences between the two:

  • Floor mats are flat and only cover a portion of the floor of the vehicle. They provide some protection from spills but are... Read More...

Tonneau Cover Buying Guide


Tonneau Cover Buying Guide

What Is a Tonneau Cover?

A tonneau cover (also called a box cover, truck bed cover and pickup bed cover) is a hard or soft cover that spans the bed of a pickup truck in order to protect the contents. 

There are various types of tonneau covers available, from fiberglass to vinyl, snap-on, hinged, roll up, retractable, you name it. The reason why there are so many types is that they can adapt to the way you use your truck. Each type of tonneau, soft or hard, has features that allow it to be used in a different way. 

We’ve also noticed that it’s also a difficult word to spell! We’ve seen many variations but tonno cover, tunnel cover, tono cover, tonnue cover seem... Read More...