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A Look at Mud Flaps

Feb 9 2024

Mud flaps are also often called mud guards and function as important accessories for any vehicle that spends time on gravel or muddy roads. Mud flaps for trucks protect the body and underside from mud and debris being kicked up by the tires. They can also prevent damage to other nearby vehicles for the same reason.

Let's take a look at some common questions about mud flaps and then some top brands available for your truck or SUV.

What Are Mud Flaps For?

SUV and truck mud flaps increase the protection of the vehicle's body from harsh road and weather conditions. They help protect your vehicle's undercarriage and can keep mud and debris from being kicked up onto other vehicles.

For the most part, there's no real downside to installing mud flaps if you often take your truck or SUV on rough roads, or drive in wet conditions.

The type of mud flap you'll need depends on your vehicle and how you drive it. For example, mud flaps for off-road vehicles are different from the type you'll need for a daily driver. There are also universal mud flaps that can be used for a variety of applications and vehicles.

A Look at Mud Flaps

Why Don't Cars Have Mud Flaps Anymore?

A law created in the 1970s had most manufacturers installing mud flaps on new passenger vehicles. However, these days, it's not common to see mud flaps anymore. Owners of trucks and SUVs often install them for protection for when they’re off-roading and to make the wheel well area easier to clean.

Sometimes manufacturers will install a built-in mud flap or mud guard to protect the rear wheel wells of cars, but in general, mud flaps don't provide enough solid protection for cars on the pavement to justify them as a standard option on today’s cars and trucks.

How To Install Mud Flaps

You can generally install mud flaps yourself, but the most important thing is that you get the correct size of mud flap for your vehicle. If you don't have factory-drilled holes in the wheel well of your vehicle, you may have to drill them. Use the mud flaps as a template by lining them up where they should go, then clearly mark the drill holes. Drill the holes based on your markings, then install the mud flaps.

A Look at Mud Flaps

How Do No Drill Mud Flaps Work?

No-drill mud flaps are usually those that come with holes that will align with factory holes on your vehicle. You then use the provided screws to install the mud flaps into the factory holes. If you don't have factory holes in your vehicle, then your only choice is to drill holes to fit the mud flaps.

Top Brands of Mud Flaps

If you're looking for mud flaps for sale, there are quite a lot of brands to choose from. Some of these brands are familiar names with a strong presence in the truck accessories market, including Enthuze, Husky Liners, WeatherTech, Dee Zee, Rough Country, and Truck Hardware among many others. Let's take a look at a few top choices to consider.


A Look at Mud Flaps

Enthuze makes rear and front mud guards for a wide variety of different trucks and SUVs. The mud guards are constructed of durable thermoplastic and are designed for a custom fit to your specific vehicle. These are no-drill mud flaps that include all fasteners and instructions for easy installation. Both the rear and front mud guards are sold as a pair.

Enthuze also makes Kickback mud flaps, which are offered in front and rear packages and in anodized black aluminum or polished stainless accents. These mud flaps are a significant step up in looks and quality compared to the basic mud flap style.


A Look at Mud Flaps

Weathertech makes a wide selection of no-drill digital fit mud flaps that fit a range of different vehicles. You can check your vehicle fitment when you browse the Weathertech category on Action Car and Truck Accessories. These mud flaps install quickly with an included fastening system. Constructed from proprietary thermoplastic resin, this Weathertech line of mud flaps is designed to be durable and weather-resistant. You'll also get a lifetime warranty against defects.

Husky Liners

A Look at Mud Flaps

Husky Liners also makes a line of Kickback mud flaps. These are built for large and oversized tires and are constructed from heavy-duty powder-coated stainless steel. The Husky Liners Kickback mud flaps come in 12 or 14-inch options for full coverage. Depending on the aesthetics you're looking for, these mud guards come in either a matte black or mirrored finish.

Husky Liners makes a line of regular front and rear mud guards as well. These are sold in pairs, available for a wide variety of trucks and SUVs, and feature no drill installation. The designs differ somewhat depending on your specific vehicle.

Gatorback by Truck Hardware

A Look at Mud Flaps

Gatorback mud flaps by Truck Hardware are an extremely popular style of mud guard that often feature various truck brands and models on the bottom plate section. For example, you can get mud flaps with the Ford Raptor logo, the 6.7 Powerstroke logo, and various brands like Jeep, Chevrolet, Ford, Ram, and GMC. The branded mud flaps are official licensed products of whatever brand they represent.

Gatorback mud flaps are also available without brand plates. All types are made with heavy-duty premium virgin rubber and the stainless steel plate near the bottom can be removed. These come with stainless steel self-drilling screws and optional rear brackets.

Mud flaps and mud guards are generally easy to install for the average DIY mechanic using regular tools. However, if you'd rather let the professionals do it, you can get mud flaps installed at any Action Trucks location located throughout Canada. Rely on Action Car and Truck Accessories for one of the widest selections of automotive parts and accessories on the market.