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All About Action Truck Caps

May 9 2024

Gettings its start in 1980, Action Fiberglass & Manufacturing began making fiberglass truck caps in Moncton, New Brunswick. Action later entered the truck accessories market and opened a network of retail stores.

Action has now been providing accessories for cars, trucks, vans, and fleet vehicles for over 40 years. As Canada's leading automotive accessory retailer, Action also runs over 40 retail stores.

With a comprehensive online portal, Action helps customers take the guesswork out of buying the right accessories with a vehicle selector and plentiful information on every page. Action representatives are also available to answer any questions and steer you in the right direction of what you need.


Action Truck Caps
2024 Chevy Colorado Trail Boss in Nitro Yellow Metallic with an Action Contour IV truck cap.

What Are Truck Caps?

Truck caps are also called camper shells, truck toppers, or bed caps. These accessories are designed to fit at a cab height over the bed of your truck. This makes them different from tonneau covers, which cover your bed but are flush with the bed rails.

Truck caps safely enclose the area over your truck bed, enabling you to store gear and tools without exposing them to thieves or bad weather.

Benefits of Truck Caps

Do you need a truck cap? Depending on your situation and what you use your truck for, there are many benefits to truck caps. Caps allow for more secure storage and also maximize storage in your bed versus tonneau covers.

Since they're enclosed, you can use truck caps as a convenient place to sleep when camping. Truck caps make your truck more aerodynamic, which can improve your fuel economy by decreasing drag. If you want extra covered space on your truck, then a truck cap might be a great choice for your needs.

Action Truck CapsAction Contour IV truck cap with an add-on Rhino-Rack Cap Topper roof rack.

Is It Easy to Remove Truck Caps?

You might be wondering how difficult it is to remove a truck cap if you need more height in your bed. The answer is that it varies. Truck caps aren't particularly heavy, but they are bulky. This bulkiness makes them somewhat difficult to remove for one person.

It's definitely a good idea to enlist some help to ensure that you don't damage your truck cap. If you need your truck bed more open or want to sell your cap, then removing it is fairly straightforward. However, due to the time and labor it takes to do so, you probably won't want to do it very often.

Action Contour III Truck Caps

Action Truck Caps

The Action Contour III truck caps start at $2,507 and feature a smooth, elegant design with a precision fit. The price varies depending on the truck and chosen options. The Contour III truck cap is constructed from fiberglass and painted to match your vehicle.

You can get it installed at any Action location, otherwise it offers clamp-on installation. Extras include a keyed lock, side windows, front windows, brake light, and a T-handle rear door.

Action Contour IV Truck Caps

Action Truck Caps

The Action Contour IV truck caps start a little higher at $2,753, but the final price may vary depending on your truck and the options you choose. This truck cap is also painted to match your vehicle and is constructed from fiberglass.

Some extras include side windows, front windows, an LED dome light, a gray carpeted interior, a brake light, and a T-handle rear door. You can get this cap installed at any Action location, or you can install it yourself with clamp-on mounting to the top of the bed rails.

Action Clearance Caps

Action Truck Caps

Finally, Action offers a nice selection of clearance truck caps. This is a good way to get truck caps for less. You can browse the various Action locations to see what's available. Some of these clearance truck caps are factory seconds, floor models, or discontinued models that are being cleared out.

To find clearance truck caps near you, you can either visit your local Action location or check the individual province pages to see what's available. Sometimes stores will have a bigger selection compared to what you see on the online site.

You can rely on Action Trucks for a wide variety of accessories to upgrade your truck, SUV, or van. Truck toppers are a great way to add security, versatility, and function to your truck bed. Choose from the new Action models listed here or save $100s by shopping Action clearance truck caps.