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Fuel and Liquid Transfer Tank Buyers Guide

Jan 13 2023

A liquid or fuel transfer tank also called a slip tank, is designed to haul fuel or other liquids in your truck bed to a job site or other area. Some tanks are built as both a combination transfer tank and a toolbox. These are sometimes called fuel tank tool boxes or transfer tank tool boxes. A transfer tank toolbox combo allows you to haul fuel or other liquid while also keeping your tools secure.


Fuel & Liquid Transfer Tank Buyers Guide

What Is a Fuel or Liquid Transfer Tank?

Transfer tanks hold liquid, including fuel, and install in your truck bed. A transfer tank allows you to safely and securely move liquid or fuel from one site to another. This might be handy if you need to bring fuel to a job site or bring fuel to a farm to fill up equipment.

One thing to note when shopping for a transfer tank is that it should very specifically say that it is compatible with hauling diesel fuel or gasoline if that's what you need it for. For example, a water transfer tank that doesn't say it can be used for fuel shouldn't be considered if you need a fuel transfer tank. Many of these tanks are rated for diesel but can't be used with gasoline.

Fuel & Liquid Transfer Tank Buyers Guide

Transfer Tank Sizes and Capacity

When you look for water transfer tanks or fuel transfer tanks, one thing to consider is size. Consider the amount of liquid that you need to transfer as well as the size of your truck bed. Another issue is weight. Transfer tanks tend to be made from either steel or aluminum and can be pretty heavy.

They will also be heavier depending on how much liquid they can hold. Heavier tanks will naturally be more difficult to move. Storage capacities for these tanks can be as little as 20 gallons and can go up to well over 100 gallons.

Fuel & Liquid Transfer Tank Buyers Guide

Who Needs a Liquid Transfer Tank?

Even though liquid transfer tanks are often aimed at farm workers and construction crews, they have plenty of other uses for different types of truck owners. Off-road enthusiasts and race track fans may also have use for liquid transfer tanks.

Any non-flammable liquid can be carried in these tanks, regardless of what category they fall into. If you need to haul diesel or gas, you'll need to make sure that the tank is specifically made for that.

Fuel & Liquid Transfer Tank Buyers Guide

Transfer Tank Pumps

Once you buy a transfer tank, you'll obviously need something to remove the liquid. This is especially true if you're using it for fuel and need to fill something like equipment, your own truck, or something else.

To do that, you'll need a transfer tank pump. Dee Zee and Great Plains are two brands you'll find on Action that can do the job of transferring the liquid in your tank to wherever you need it to go.

Fuel & Liquid Transfer Tank Buyers Guide

Aluminum vs Steel

The next thing to consider when buying a transfer tank is whether to get aluminum or steel. These are the two materials that most transfer tanks are made of. Steel has the main benefit of being less expensive than aluminum.

However, it's also heavier and may eventually corrode. Aluminum is lighter and won't corrode, but you can expect to pay more for the same size of an aluminum tank than you would a steel one. Some transfer tanks are also made of polyethylene material.

This is less common than the other two, but polyethylene material has some of the same benefits as aluminum in that it doesn't corrode and is lighter than steel.

Top Brands of Liquid Transfer Tanks

Action sells several well-known truck accessories brands that also make liquid transfer tanks. Let's take a look at three brands with the most options.

Dee Zee

Dee Zee has a few different choices for fuel transfer tanks. The most inexpensive is the Specialty Series Liquid Transfer Tank. This is a steel tank that can hold non-flammable liquids. It also features a powder-coat finish with No Rust Technology.

This tank is not to be used with gasoline and it's not designed for an auxiliary fuel system. The volume for this tank is 55 gallons and it's designed for private use and not commercial.

Fuel & Liquid Transfer Tank Buyers Guide

If you're looking for a combo toolbox and liquid transfer tank, the Dee Zee Specialty Series offers an 80-gallon tank constructed of heavy gauge aluminum with a black powder-coat finish. This tank is designed to hold diesel fuel and can be used with connector kits to feed fuel directly to your vehicle's fuel tank.

Fuel & Liquid Transfer Tank Buyers Guide

Dee Zee also offers several options for non-combo liquid transfer tanks with volumes up to and over 100 gallons. Dee Zee tanks come in both black powder-coat finishes and chrome finishes.


UWS is another brand that has quite a few options to choose from. The most inexpensive tank is the UWS matte black 45-gallon steel transfer tank. This tank is a good choice for transporting non-flammable liquids such as water, diesel fuel, or pesticides. A black powder-coat finish helps to resist corrosion.

Fuel & Liquid Transfer Tank Buyers Guide

Another inexpensive option from UWS is the 45-gallon rectangular tank made of bright aluminum.

Fuel & Liquid Transfer Tank Buyers Guide

UWS also offers several options for 100-gallon tanks as well as tank and toolbox combo options. The price comparison between UWS and Dee Zee is quite competitive, so you can't go wrong with either option.


Lund is a popular truck accessory brand and they have one line of fuel transfer tanks. The line offers the choice of chrome or black powder-coat finish, and the tanks are made from aluminum.

Fuel & Liquid Transfer Tank Buyers Guide

You can browse for fuel and liquid transfer tanks online or you can stop in and check out our selection of transfer tanks at any Action Trucks store in Canada.

Every location sells a good selection of different toolbox transfer tanks and traditional transfer tanks. Look for the wrench indicator that shows we offer professional-grade installation at any of our stores.