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Guide To Bumpers

Sep 14 2020

From front bumpers to rear ones, and from those with winch capabilities to those without, there is a wide range of options available for you to protect (even supercharge!) your truck. What’s most important is to choose the bumper type and style that’s just right for your needs.

We’re Talking Bumpers, Not Bumper Covers

Before going any further, we want to clarify how we’re talking about the metal component that’s attached to the front and rear of your truck’s frame—and that provides protection for your vehicle. Front bumpers rest below the headlights of your truck, while the rear ones are below the taillights, with each attached to the vehicle’s frame.

This post isn’t focusing on the covers, which are often fiberglass or thermoplastic.

Key Benefits

Metal bumpers are strong and durable, absorbing impact in case of minor collisions and otherwise helping to protect the vehicle, the driver, and any passengers. This is true whether you stay on or go off-road because choosing the right aftermarket truck bumpers can transform the performance of your vehicle.

When going off-road, it can provide the necessary clearance for the bigger tires you may want and need. As another example, challenging angles that would defeat factory bumpers are no big deal with the right set of aftermarket ones. Plus, if driving through the woods, you’ll have protection from rocks and trees and have the ability to navigate more easily.

In short, bumpers are designed for your protection, for utility—and they can also provide a whole new look for your vehicle, from sleek to aggressive. Whether the finish is a black powder coat or protected metal, they are made to fight against corrosion.

Aftermarket Front Bumpers

When choosing your aftermarket front bumpers, it makes sense to filter options to only include those that fit your vehicle—which is something that you can do here. For sake of example, let’s say you drive a Jeep Wrangler JK. If you’ve got a brand that you appreciate—say, Enthuze bumpers—that’s another good filter to use. And, continuing with our example, you might end up taking a second look at the Enthuze Aftermarket Front Bumpers, #ACTENTJK1001.

Here are just a few features of that choice:

  • Modular design for easy customization
  • T6 aluminum alloy construction for lightweight, rust-free strength
  • Black powder coat finish for maximum resistance to corrosion
  • 22 1/2 x 7 3/4 winch housing
  • Pre-drilled holes for D-rings and tow hooks

Simply follow that procedure for your own vehicle type, brand preferences—including Road Armor, Rampage, Paramount Automotive and more—and other specs.

Aftermarket Rear Bumpers

Looking for aftermarket rear bumpers? Just follow the same process.

If, for example, you’re looking for a rugged bumper that’s loaded with utility, then look at the Road Armor Stealth Bumper, #RAR31200B.

This model is considered a pioneer of the aftermarket, designed specifically to accentuate your vehicle’s body lines. With its 3/16-inch heavy-duty steel construction, direct bolt-on design, and lifetime structural warranty, these rough and tough bumpers are designed to last. They’re constructed to house a winch with room for recessed light ports for LED backup lights.

Fans of the Rampage brand might decide to choose the Trailguard Rear Bumper #RMP99513 for heavy-duty performance. 

Needing bumpers that will provide the maximum in protection when driving in rocky conditions? Paramount Automotive #PRG51-0015 can keep your vehicle safe in the tightest conditions, protecting you from debris, both on and off-road.

Replacing Bumpers

Any time your vehicle is involved in an accident where the front or the rear bumper was part of the collision, it makes sense to have a licensed mechanic take a look. Although the damage may look minimal on the outside (and, hopefully, it will be!), your bumpers are what help to protect you and your vehicle—and may need to be replaced, if the structural integrity has been damaged.

Or, if you’ve got an older set of bumpers, or ones not designed to withstand rust and corrosion, you may need to replace them. Rust can ultimately lead to holes, which can hurt the vehicle structurally and lessen the look.

If you’ve already used aftermarket bumpers—and you really liked your choice—it can make sense to order something similar for your replacements. This is also an opportunity, though, to upgrade or otherwise add new features and functionalities that you’ll appreciate.

Things to consider include whether you’ll need protection from rocks, heavy brush, and so forth. Do you need a design that accommodates a winch? Will you want the capability to rescue a stuck vehicle? Do you want to install lights on your bumper, either now or in the future?

These are just some of the things to think about before choosing your aftermarket truck bumpers.

Bumpers for Sale at Action Car and Truck Accessories

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People on our team are passionate about outfitting vehicles with exactly the right accessories, and we realize that, when you want a bumper, what you’re really saying is that you want the ideal one for your vehicle and needs.

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