A Guide to Seat Covers Monday, April 5, 2021

Guide to the Best Seat Covers for Your Vehicle

Seat covers for trucks, cars, and other vehicles protect the seats from damage and can make them more comfortable, while also making the vehicle look more attractive. There are universal seat covers and custom seat covers, each of which can be constructed from durable protective materials, and what’s important is to select what’s best for your unique wants and needs.

More About Seat Cover Benefits

One of the more obvious benefits is how seat covers can protect your seats, whether that’s from dirt and mud, snow and slush, stains after spills, rips and tears, damage from sun rays and so forth. Covers allow you to keep the actual seats clean while giving the vehicle a like-new appearance.

This leads to the second benefit, which is the attractive appearance of choices today. Some people may want solid color covers that blend in well, while others may want more eye-catching patterns. In either case, these seat covers can allow you to create a look in your vehicle that’s uniquely yours. As a benefit that can be overlooked, the right covers can help to make seats more comfortable.

If you have pets that ride in your vehicle, it can help to have durable seat covers that protect the seats from the animals’ claws, fur being shed, and more. If you use your vehicle for outdoor work, then you can select covers that can protect your vehicle from the heavy-duty dust, dirt, mud and more that can be tracked in, along with the sweat that comes from a hard day’s work.

Overall, seat covers protect your investment in your vehicle and, when you decide to sell it or turn it in, the way they protected your seats may help you get higher resale value. They can provide more comfort for you as the driver and your passengers and will make you feel proud of your vehicle’s clean interior.

If you drive a company car, they may be especially important to have. This is also true if you are leasing a vehicle, eat or drink inside of it, have children or pets, or like to exercise, among other factors.

Next up is a review of just some of the seat cover choices available at Action Trucks today.

Cover Options at Action Car and Truck Accessories

If choosing custom seat covers, be sure they will fit your vehicle, with accessibility for seat adjustments, airbags, and any other considerations.

Each of these six brands of covers offers quality choices:

To find the options that would fit your vehicle, simply use our search bar to list the year, make, and model of the car or truck. Here are examples to show you the range of choices in truck and car seat covers.

FIA NEO Neoprene Custom Fit Truck Seat Covers

Seat Covers

These custom seat covers are designed for outdoor enthusiasts, crafted out of waterproof neoprene. This form fit wrap-around cover is laminated with a water-resistant poly outer shell for the ultimate in protection. They are padded for comfort.

Aries Seat Defender Bench Seat Cover

Seat Covers

These universal seat covers are a “use-as-needed seat protection system that readily installs whenever you need it.” So, rather than serving as a permanent cover-up solution, the Seat Defender is easy to put on and take off, as desired. They are constructed from thermoplastic rubber and woven 600-denier terylene fabric to block spills, dirt, and more.

Northwest Seat Covers: Outlaw Saddle Blanket

Seat Covers

These particular truck seat covers are custom created for 2019-2021 RAM 1500 trucks. Described as “super tough, rugged, mean old bugger of a fabric,” crafted out of saddle blanket material for the seating surfaces with automotive-grade vinyl along the sides and rear of backrests, allowing you to just quickly wipe it clean.

Rampage Custom Fit Polycanvas Seat Cover

Seat Covers

These custom seat covers are crafted from durable polycanvas material, with front and side mesh pockets, zippered, to provide convenient storage. The center sections of these covers are padded for comfort and fitted headrest covers are also included. These are crafted for Jeeps, including specialty vehicles, trucks, SUVs and UTVs. 

Rough Country Neoprene Front & Rear Covers

Seat Covers

These seat covers for trucks are designed for Ford F-150 pickups (2015-2020) and F-250, F-350 XL, and F-350 XLT models (2017-2020). These truck seat covers come with four-layer construction and thick foam padding to provide durability and comfort. The protective neoprene layer protects the seats from mold and mildew.

WeatherTech Back Seat Protectors

Seat Covers

These universal seat covers are a great example of ones intended for excellent back seat protection. This option fits most cars, trucks, minivans, and SUVs, and their water-resistant polycotton twill fabric is easy to wipe clean. Consider it an ideal first line of defense for the back seats in your vehicle, fighting back against mud, dirt, snow, spills, and much more.

When seeking your own truck and car seat covers, choose the material and fit you want and need, as well as the level of comfort. If you have questions, just contact us online today.

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