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Lift Kits 101: What You Need to Know

Mar 11 2022

Thinking about lifting your vehicle? Wondering how to make that happen? This post shares insight into lift kits for trucks and SUVs, including benefits (and a few issues to consider), costs, where to find installation pros, the best brands, how high you should go and more.

What is a lift kit?

A lift kit is an aftermarket accessory that lifts a vehicle further off the ground. It’s typically designed to fit a specific car, truck or SUV.

There are two main types:

With body lift kits, the vehicle’s body is temporarily removed from the frame and then spacers or blocks are installed before all is put back together again with longer bolts.

With suspension lift kits, the entire vehicle is boosted up from its wheels and axles, which is a more in-depth process.

A body lift kit can usually lift a vehicle up by about five inches while suspension lift kits can boost your ride from 2 to 12 inches.

Lift Kits

What are the benefits of these kits? What about challenges?

The most obvious benefit is the cool-looking appearance of a lifted vehicle—but there are also plenty of practical ones too. First, you can drive through off-road terrain more easily because of the increased ground clearance.

You can also use larger wheels and bigger tires (both off-road tires and bigger street tires), which makes it easier when driving off-road or when driving over badly maintained roads. (When you lift your vehicle, it’s recommended that you also upgrade your suspension and shocks.)

As another benefit, you can see more easily while driving, whether that’s off-road or in crowded city driving. This can increase everyday driving safety as you become aware of obstacles more quickly.

Lift Kits

You can carry your cargo more smoothly. If you’re towing, you’ll benefit through enhanced “squat” capabilities without the bottom contacting the road.

Finally, when you need to do inspections or repairs beneath your vehicle’s body, access is much easier.

Note: With your bigger tires, you’ll experience longer stop times causing more wear and tear on your brakes. You’ll probably notice that you will accelerate differently and your speedometer reading may not be accurate. Plus, you could have a slightly different towing ability.

Sometimes, a lift kit can void a vehicle warranty. This varies by manufacturer and by warranty specifics, so investigate your specific situation (rather than relying on what someone else experienced with their vehicle).

In summary, these lift kits do make your vehicle look way cooler, and that’s just one of the many benefits. You can think about any disadvantages and then make the right decision for your needs.

Lift Kits

How much is a lift kit?

It depends! Lift kits for trucks and SUVS come in a range of prices, depending on size and type, among other factors. This Enthuze suspension lift kit, 3”, costs $809.99. The 6” Enthuze suspension lift kit, meanwhile, costs $1,999.99.

We encourage you to search our site for models that will fit your vehicle, including for 4x4 lift kits, and compare price options and what you get with each kit. Contact us with any questions and we’ll be happy to help with the selection.

How are these different from leveling kits?

Lift kits boost a truck or SUV further in the air than a leveling kit. Why? Although a leveling kit also raises a vehicle’s body from the axles, increasing ground clearance and making more room available for larger tires, they don’t create as significant of a change in the vehicle.

A leveling kit slightly raises the vehicle’s front so that it matches the rear, usually maxing out at two inches.

Lift Kits

Who makes the best lift kits for trucks and SUVs?

Enthuze is a well-respected, top-quality brand and we encourage you to explore Enthuze lift kits. While browsing the large selection of lift kits on our site, you’ll also see other recommended brands we’re proud to offer including Fabtech and Rough Country lift kits.

Lift Kits

Who installs lift kits?

Action does! Here are locations where you can get yours installed. It’s important to have experienced installers take care of the project because properly aligning the lifted vehicle is crucial; when it isn’t handled correctly, stress ball joints can be overloaded and eventually wear down.

As part of this installation, vehicle modifications may need to be made. For example, you might need to extend your brake lines or your driveshaft. You may want to consider some accessories—for example, an updated steering damper and/or sway bar—for added stability.

How high should you go?

There could be state or local laws where you live that specify maximum heights. Plus, depending upon the height, you may not be able to use certain drive-throughs or parking garages, so think about those issues before deciding upon a height. If you use automated car washes, consider that factor, too.

Also, ask an experienced installer for advice.

Action Trucks for Your Lift Kit

From providing you with precisely the right name brand lift kit to providing professional installation services at in-store locations, we can take you from start to finish when lifting your truck or SUV.

As Canada’s leader in truck accessories, we have more than 30 stores around the country, along with our online store that provides you with the truck parts and accessories you need, no matter where you live. Questions? Contact Action Car and Truck Accessories online!

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