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Spacekap Commercial Truck Caps

Aug 9 2022

When it comes to work truck accessories, the commercial truck cap is one of the most useful and versatile. These truck caps cover your truck bed to provide security for all your commercial truck accessories, including tools, equipment, and much more.

Unlike regular truck caps, many commercial truck caps are tall and allow you to transport large items. Enclosing the back of your truck can also give you better aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.

Action Trucks sells many different commercial truck caps, but one of our top suppliers is Spacekap. Spacekap truck caps come in three different varieties that serve different purposes depending on your work.


About Spacekap

Spacekap is North America's leading manufacturer of fiberglass commercial truck caps. All Spacekap models offer a universal fit for full-size pickup trucks that have a 6.5 or 8-foot bed. The caps slide in and are easy to install.

They can be removed quickly if you need to switch vehicles. All models are also designed to accommodate Spacekap's standard shelving solutions. Each of Spacekap's three models is extremely versatile and can fit a variety of working conditions.

Let's take a closer look at the three different models of Spacekap for sale that we offer.

Spacekap Compak - Money Savings For Years to Come

Spacekap Compak

The Spacekap Compak is the most compact model of Spacekap truck caps. The streamlined design and low profile allow you to maneuver in tight spots that you might find in urban areas.

Full-length slide doors offer plenty of room so that you don't have to crawl in to get your equipment. There are some great benefits to this ergonomic compact truck cap, including the following:

  • Up to 12% more efficient than a cargo van
  • Offers up to 50% more storage than a typical cargo van
  • Fully secure with standard electronic locks and 40/60 backdoors
  • Highly customizable with additional Spacekap accessories
  • Convenient tie-down system for easy installation and removal

The Spacekap Compak model is designed so that you can work completely outside, which means you don't have to climb inside to get your tools or anything else.

Spacekap Wild - Best Cargo Van Alternative

Spacekap Wild

The Spacekap Wild is a great alternative to a cargo van. This commercial truck cap features a 53-inch interior height, which offers plenty of room to move around. It also has full-length side doors to give you easy access from outside of the truck.

An optional shelf system will help you maximize your space and store your tools safely and securely. Key benefits of the Spacekap Wild include the following:

  • Amazingly wide side door opening 24"x 84" is the widest available
  • Available in both six and eight-foot lengths
  • Space and utility like a cargo van with the better driving dynamics of a truck
  • Built lightweight and durable with Owens Corning fiberglass

If you're thinking about a cargo van for your work vehicle, think again and consider this replacement cargo van commercial cap to fit on your full-size truck.

Spacekap Wild Spacekap Wild Spacekap Wild

Spacekap Diablo - The Complete Transportable Workshop

Spacekap Diablo

The Spacekap Diablo is the largest of the Spacekap service bodies. The Diablo features a height of 75 inches and an extremely spacious interior of 372 cubic feet. Skylights light up the inside with plenty of natural light during the day and LED bars to illuminate the inside at night. This is the most mobile workstation you can imagine. Key benefits of the Spacekap Diablo include the following:

  • Exceptionally large and versatile design
  • Can be easily transferred between trucks
  • Largest interior volume in the industry
  • Interior height equivalent to six feet and three inches
  • 40/60 rear doors

The Spacekap Diablo is truly an industry benchmark with absolutely everything you need in a mobile workstation.

Spacekap Diablo Spacekap Diablo Spacekap Diablo

Benefits of Commercial Truck Caps

Perhaps you are wondering why you should consider a commercial truck cap instead of other options like a cargo van or just keeping your tools in a box or the back of an SUV. There are a lot of benefits to commercial truck caps like the above Spacekap models. These caps can completely transform your truck into an efficient and secure work vehicle.

One of the biggest benefits is to prevent theft. Spacekap truck caps are fully enclosed with locks to secure your equipment just like the inside of a vehicle. This same system also protects your tools and equipment from the elements. Another benefit that you might not realize is that truck caps can improve fuel efficiency. It reduces drag and improves aerodynamics.

When you compare cargo vans and trucks, you'll find that trucks are a lot easier to drive and maneuver. With the largest Spacekap caps, you'll get the storage and height of a cargo van added to your truck with its more pleasant driving experience.

Action Trucks is a great option among Spacekap dealers. Stop by one of our locations today and let a salesperson know what you need. They can help you decide which Spacekap commercial truck cap is right for you. All truck caps are fully customized and will arrive at our store for installation in three or four weeks.

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