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The Top 10 WeatherTech Products

Jul 6 2023

WeatherTech is an industry leader in protective items for your vehicle. When it comes to the highest quality in protection for the interior and exterior of your vehicle, it's hard to beat WeatherTech. Floor mats, bug deflectors, seat covers, mud flaps, and more have been helping truck and SUV owners keep their vehicles in great shape for over 25 years.

Action sells a full line of WeatherTech products, including floor liners, seat covers, rain guards, and much more. Let's take a look at some top WeatherTech products.

WeatherTech Floor Mats

WeatherTech mats do more than just make your interior look good. WeatherTech floor liners are designed to completely line your interior carpet to fully protect it from mud, water, and debris. There are several types of WeatherTech car mats to choose from, including universal trim-to-fit floor mats.

You can buy them in sets for both the front and rear passenger areas of your vehicle, or you can buy sets that only fit the front or the rear. To find exactly what you need, it's a good idea to enter your vehicle information to narrow down your choices.


Top WeatherTech Products

WeatherTech Seat Covers

WeatherTech seat covers are a great way to protect your factory upholstery on a newer vehicle or refresh worn upholstery on an older truck or SUV. The WeatherTech product line includes universal-fit seat covers and custom-fit covers to fit specific vehicles.

Seat protectors come in both bucket-seat styles and bench-seat styles, so you can easily outfit both the front and rear of your truck or SUV.

Top WeatherTech Products

WeatherTech Cargo Liners

A WeatherTech cargo liner is made to protect the rear cargo area of your vehicle. This is primarily a protective item for SUVs and crossovers that have cargo areas behind the rear seats. It's easy to see the usefulness of a cargo mat.

For example, if you have a dog, the mat can protect your carpet from your dog's muddy or sandy paws. Cargo mats are usually made from some type of rugged thermoplastic that is both flexible and durable, which makes it easy to form-fit your vehicle.

Top WeatherTech Products

WeatherTech Cup Phone Holder

The WeatherTech phone holder is a universal fitment. It fits easily and conveniently into your vehicle's cup holder to provide a spot for your mobile phone. This holder is fully adjustable with tilt and rotation to allow you to see your favorite apps without difficulty. Full universal fitment means it can adjust to fit all models of cell phones and any vehicle cup holder.

Top WeatherTech Products

WeatherTech Mud Flaps

Whether you use your truck or SUV for work or play, it's important to protect your paint from mud and debris. Mudguards protect your truck or SUV from dirt and debris, and they also protect vehicles behind you from getting hit by flying debris.

WeatherTech offers a full line of no-drill mud flaps to protect a wide range of different vehicles. These mudguards are easy to install with WeatherTech's QuickTurn fastening system. They also have a lifetime warranty against defects.

Top WeatherTech Products

WeatherTech Rain Guards

WeatherTech rain guards are also known as window deflectors or window visors. This is because they actually serve a variety of purposes. These guards install above your windows and can be used to keep wind and rain from coming through your open window.

They can also help block the bright sun from the side. Window deflectors are available for both front and rear windows, and they install quickly and easily without any extra tools.

Top WeatherTech Products

WeatherTech Bug Deflectors

Bug deflectors may also be called stone deflectors. These products function similarly to window deflectors, but they install on the hood of your vehicle right above the grille. WeatherTech bug deflectors come in a few different styles, including low-profile aerodynamic deflectors.

Not only do these deflectors serve a practical purpose in warding off bugs and small rocks, but they also give your truck or SUV a sleek look.

Top WeatherTech Products

WeatherTech SunShade

The WeatherTech sun shade may also be called a window shade. Do you find that your truck or SUV heats up when you leave it parked outside for an extended period? A sunshade is something you use on the interior windows to reflect the sun away from your vehicle.

This helps your cabin stay cool in the summer. WeatherTech sunshades also have a reverse side that absorbs heat in the winter. When you set it up this way, it can keep frost from forming on your windows in cold weather.

Top WeatherTech Products

WeatherTech Tonneau Cover

WeatherTech makes the AlloyCover for trucks. This is a light, foldable, hard truck bed cover that helps protect your cargo and bed from the elements and prying eyes. The AlloyCover uses a tri-fold design, which is easy to use and also easy to install and remove.

Strong aluminum panels and durable vinyl-coated hinges further protect your bed from unauthorized access. The low-profile design helps your truck's aerodynamics, which can increase your fuel economy.

Top WeatherTech Products

WeatherTech Bed Liners

One of the most essential pieces of equipment for any truck owner is a bed liner. Any time you carry cargo in your truck bed, you expose it to scratches, dents, or other damage. WeatherTech makes drop-in bed liners as well as tailgate protectors to give you full protection for your truck bed.

Top WeatherTech Products

The WeatherTech bed liners are some of the highest-rated liners on the market. They are made of flexible and durable material for a custom fit.

Rely on Action Trucks for a full line of quality WeatherTech products to upgrade and protect your truck or SUV. You can shop for any of these products online or visit your local well-stocked Action location. Most products listed here are easy to install at home, but Action Trucks does offer professional installation for many other products at any of their locations.

Top WeatherTech Products