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Towing and Trailer Accessories Guide

Sep 24 2021

Whether you tow trailers and cargo as your job, as a side gig for extra cash, or for recreational reasons, it just makes sense to have the right towing and trailer accessories—ones that safely and efficiently get you where you need to go.

Trailer Hitches

towing and trailer accessories

Trailer hitches are attached to a vehicle’s chassis to make it easy for truck and SUV owners to store and tow what they need—whether that’s a trailer (as the name implies), a boat, cargo, or something else for work or recreational purposes. Action Truck has a wide range of trailer hitch options, from classes one through five, as well as front mount; bumper; universal; and weight distribution hitches. Plus, we offer 5th wheel hitches that can tackle the big loads, with some of them able to haul up to 30,000 pounds—with small 5th wheel hitches also able to transport cargo with minimal swaying.

Ball Mounts

towing and trailer accessories

Then there’s the ball mount, a two-part towing accessory: a shank that goes into the receiver tube of a hitch and a platform that gives the trailer ball a solid mounting point. Quality mounts are sturdy and reliable—and we offer a variety of them, including ones with rugged steel construction and an extra-durable powder coat finishing. We offer mounts for classes one through four, as well as for dual ball mounts and more.

Brake Controllers

towing and trailer accessories

Brake controllers perform two key functions. They help drivers to manage their stopping distances and, if you have a trailer hitched up to it, they synch up your vehicle’s brakes with those of the trailer to control trailer sway. You usually need brake controllers if the trailer has electric brakes or electric-over-hydraulic ones. Also, check to see if your state requires one when a loaded trailer weighs more than 3,000 pounds—and then check out what Action Truck has to offer.

Gooseneck Hitches

towing and trailer accessories

Gooseneck hitches are a form of a ball hitch that’s typically used to pull industrial trailers and horse trailers. These hitches are physically and permanently installed within the bed of the truck. This means that they aren’t removed after use and then reinstalled. Gooseneck hitches are intended solely for trucks, rather than for other types of vehicles. Once installed, you can easily back into place to connect with the trailer.

Hitch Covers

towing and trailer accessories

Hitch covers add a touch of style to your vehicles that don’t have permanent towing hitches, covering up the hollow hitch tube/receiver tube. Plus, when the end of the tube is covered up, this prevents dirt and debris from getting in and can protect the tube from rusting. Need another reason to order your hitch cover? They cover any rough metal on the tubing, preventing it from scraping another vehicle—or person. At Action Truck, our options include rubber, chrome steel, chrome plastic, and plastic covers.


Hitch Steps

towing and trailer accessories

Hitch steps are an ultra-practical truck accessory that you can easily attach to a trailer hitch. This makes it easy to get into the truck bed, perhaps to load or unload cargo, while also protecting the vehicle’s rear bumper. Hitch steps make it easy to access harder-to-reach places when cleaning your truck bed, removing snow from the vehicle’s roof, and more. Action Truck offers these steps in a variety of stylish looks.

Trailer Balls

towing and trailer accessories

Trailer balls (also called trailer hitch balls) help to connect the trailer hitch to the trailer itself. They attach to the ball mount and come in a variety of sizes, including length and diameter, so it’s important to get the size that’s right for your needs. Trailers typically come with sizing information, stamped somewhere on their body, along with maximum towing capabilities. Armed with that info, you’ll need to select a trailer hitch ball that is at or above the numbers provided.


Trailer Couplers

towing and trailer accessories

Trailer couplers go above the hitch ball, serving as the trailer’s mounting point. Its purpose is important: to facilitate a secure hitch ball connection for safe towing. When choosing your trailer couplers, make sure that they’re the same size as the trailer ball with enough weight capacity (it’s okay to go over weight capacity; just not under). For ease of selection, universal trailer couplers are also available.


Trailer Wiring Kits

towing and trailer accessories

Trailer wiring kits provide what you need to connect, maintain, and repair the parts that allow you to safely tow trailers, boats, cargo, and more. Action Trucks offers a variety of trailer wiring kits to address those needs.

Choose Action for Your Towing and Trailer Accessories

Action Car and Truck Accessories provides a wide range of towing and trailer accessories so you can safely get your cargo where it needs to go—and we’ve been doing that for more than 40 years now. Plus, we made it easy for you to find what need, whether through one of our 30+ retail stores or online.

Questions? Contact Action Car and Truck Accessories online and we’ll eliminate the guesswork for you.