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A Guide to Truck Bed Accessories

May 6 2021

From ramps to racks and rails, from mats and liners to slides, extenders and more, there are plenty of easy to install truck bed accessories available today to add functionality, organization, security, and style to your vehicle. To help you to maximize the use and durability of your truck, here are eight of the best pickup truck bed accessories to add to your shopping list.

Truck Bed Rails

Truck bed rails are ideal when you want to tie down bigger objects that you’re transporting, and they can protect the bed from dents, dings, and scratches from items that are hanging over it—which can range from ladders to lumber, furniture to ATVs, skis, kayaks, and more for personal, work-related, and recreational purposes. Quality, easy to install choices are available from trusted brands such as Putco, Backrack, Steelcraft, Dee Zee, CURT, and Truxedo.

Bed Rail Caps

Bed rail caps protect your vehicle while also adding a dash of style. They help to prevent damage to the bed when loading and unloading what you’re transporting, and they also cover up dents, dings, and scratches to make the vehicle look new again. These easy-to-install pickup truck bed accessories are available from trusted brands that include Bushwacker, Dee Zee, Putco, Bak Industries, Precision Grilles, and Custom Flow.

Truck Bed Mat & Bed Liner Options

Plenty of bed liner and truck bed mat choices exist, including from top name brands such as BedRug, Penda, Dee Zee, Rough Country, Armadillo Flaps, Black Armour, and Northwest Rubber. Truck bed mats and bed liners protect the truck bed, which can be especially important if it isn’t enclosed and is therefore vulnerable to rain, snow, and other elements of nature. Plus, skid-proof mats and liners help to keep your cargo from shuffling around, preventing damage to the items being transported and the sides of the truck bed.

Headache Racks

As the name implies, headache racks are one of the pickup truck accessories that can save you plenty of headaches by reducing your liability if you carry both cargo and passengers. This headache rack is placed along the back of the cab to prevent objects that you’re transporting from going through the window in the rear of the cab—a stop guard against injuries. This can be a concern without one of these racks if, for example, you need to make a sudden stop. Brands of choice include Backrack, Dee Zee, Weatherguard and ARIES.

Truck Racks

Next up are truck racks that increase the amount of material that you can transport in your bed in one load by creating levels of cargo carrying space. This also protects the vehicle because you would no longer have to pile up items that would hang over the truck bed and possibly damage it. Fortunately, today’s rack models are lightweight and won’t add much weight to your vehicle. Trusted name brands include Weatherguard, TracRac, Dee Zee, Kargomaster, Prime Design, Ranger Design, and Thule.

Bed Slides

Bed slides protect your truck bed and also facilitate the loading and unloading of cargo—and they provide an extra layer of security by storing what you’re transporting. These pickup truck bed accessories are sometimes called bed drawers because, in reality, you can quickly and easily transform the bed of your truck into a full capacity drawer with these pickup bed accessories. Top brands include CargoEase, DECKED, Cargo Bed, Jotto-Cargo Slide, and Weatherguard.

Pickup Truck Bed Extenders

Maximize your space with pickup truck bed extenders. This is ideal for when you need to haul items that are longer or larger than you can comfortably fit into your vehicle—whether that’s pieces of furniture or lumber, recreational items, construction or other work-related materials, and much more. Then, when you don’t need the extenders, they can be easily tucked away for when they’re next in demand. Brands of choice include AMP Research and CargoEase.

Loading Truck Ramps

Finally, consider loading truck ramps for maximum efficiency when loading and unloading cargo that you’re carrying. This will save the wear and tear on your back while also protecting your vehicle as items you’ll be transporting are smoothly put on and off. Brand names to consider include Enthuze and Erickson.

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