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Brake Controllers

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Safe towing is all about your trailer's ability to handle large amounts of weight. Trailers with a GTW (Gross Trailer Weight) over a certain weight limit are required to have brakes. Brakes are must-have safety equipment for heavy trailers, but you can make traveling with your trailer even safer when you use an electronic brake control module.

A brake control module is equipment that activates when you press on your truck's brakes. When activated, brake controllers send a signal to your trailer's brakes that slowly applies braking force over time. 

This equipment allows you to increase your braking power, making your trailer easier to control, giving you a smoother ride and protecting your trailer brakes from premature wear. Trailer brake controller kits also have customizable settings that let you choose how much braking force you want for your rig.

If you're carrying a decked-out trailer, then you can get the most out of your trailer brakes with a brake control module. These kits have easy-to-use LED displays and simple plug-and-play designs, making them both easy to use and easy to install. When you use one of our brake controllers, you'll get a quick, effective safety solution that makes driving with a trailer safer, easier, and more fun.