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Cargo Liners

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Everyone loves SUVs and mini-vans for their versatility; their storage space makes it easier to transport anything from groceries to landscaping materials to pets. However, using that storage space has drawbacks: frequent use of your cargo area leaves it susceptible to damage from spills, mud and whatever else the day might throw at you. If you drive an SUV, crossover, or minivan, consider using a cargo liner. Cargo liners protect your cargo area from damage which helps boost its resale value.

Cargo liners are excellent at protecting against spills. You can easily modify them to cover the entirety of your trunk. Most cargo liners for SUVs have raised edges that help contain spills and dirt. These cargo liners are both easy to install and remove, so you can quickly take them out, hose them off and put them back in. Once cleaned, they easily install back in place, ready to protect your vehicle once more.

Cargo liners are made from durable, dependable materials. Our WeatherTech cargo liners are made from a custom blend of plastics that maintain flexibility even under extreme temperatures. Every cargo liner is thick enough to keep spills far away from your interior carpet. Any driver can appreciate the dependability, ease of use, and protection a cargo area liner can provide.

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