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Complete Exhaust Systems

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Exhaust problems are obvious: loud rattling under the car, lagging fuel efficiency, or a burning smell from your engine bay. A leaky or failing exhaust is easy to replace. But if you’re going to replace an exhaust system, why settle for a simple replacement? Upgrading to one our aftermarket complete exhaust systems will give you more ‘oomph’ out of your engine. And the cat-back exhaust system is one of the best exhaust upgrades you can purchase.

Our cat-back systems are designed for performance, improving your exhaust system's airflow while lessening excessive backpressure. These types of exhausts typically have larger diameter tubing that makes it easier for your engine to combust, which can improve your horsepower and torque. Excessive backpressure causes engines to work harder to dispel fumes, which burns fuel faster. The less-restrictive design of a cat-back exhaust system lessens this backpressure, which can improve your fuel economy too. 

Careful attention should be paid to more than just the design of cat back systems, but also their construction. Many cat-backs feature mandrel bend tubing to reduce rippling and further improve exhaust flow. These systems are typically made from stainless steel, which makes them durable and easy to clean. Cat-back exhaust systems are a complete upgrade over your OEM exhaust in every way.