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If you’re looking for a new method of transportation that’s convenient, easy to use, and tons of fun, look no further than an electric bike. These high-performance bicycles give you an all-new way to enjoy the outdoors. Its built-in battery provides you with hours of travel --up to 90 miles on a single charge.

An e-bike includes plenty of features a basic bike lacks. The Young Electric bikes we carry include a motor, torque sensor, and integrated drive system. These features give e-bikes smoother rides and make it easier to go up steep inclines. E-bikes work with you to make cycling more efficient and require less work to operate. You’ll also appreciate the safety features on electric bikes, including built-in reflectors and ultra-bright headlights for enhanced visibility.

Bikes are popular for their convenience, and e-bikes make cycling even more accessible than ever before. Where you want a companion for exercise, fun, or helping with your daily errands, an e-bike can help. You’re guaranteed a smooth, safe, and fun trip wherever you go.