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Complete Commercial Fleet Upfitting

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For over 40 years we’ve been accessorizing cars, trucks, vans and fleet vehicles with the right accessories, while offering superior service and selection.

With an established network of commercial fleet installation centres, distribution facilities and our dedication to providing our customers with products and services that meet or exceed their expectations, ACTION has been very successful in making its products available to commercial fleet customers throughout Canada.

For your custom fleet solution contact our fleet department today! Call 1-888-648-4097 or Email

Action Car and Truck Accessories locations are all equipped with designated installation areas. Courteous and professional installers are equipped to handle anything from single vehicle installations to large fleet requirements.

Our team of installers are provided with the best training available directly from our product manufacturers, as well as industry organizations like LTAA and SEMA.

Quality Assurance means conducting regular quality checks on all goods received from suppliers and working with them to address identified issues. At ACTION we also closely monitor all warranty claims to determine if there are any patterns or consistencies that would result from quality issues either at the supplier’s plant or in transit. Any identified problems are dealt with in correspondence with the supplier immediately.

Our state of the art fleet centres are strategically located across Canada and provide ACTION with the ability to service fleets of any size.

After Sales Support is truly a team effort at ACTION. All after sales support is coordinated through a single point of contact with one of our Fleet Support Team members.

Our dedicated National Business Development Manager Team is also available to provide on-site face to face customer meetings if requested or are required to do so. All major fleet customers have an Action Executive Sponsor who is responsible to carry any customer concerns or issues to the senior management table.

As Canada’s leading truck cap and commercial fleet accessory distributor, ACTION brings you the best aftermarket products with competitive pricing.

ACTION has become recognized by industry leaders as an important, valued and trusted partner. Together we strive to provide you with the best options and inventory levels required to satisfy your commercial accessory needs.

It is the responsibility of our Marketing Category Managers to work with suppliers and manufacturers throughout the industry to ensure that we are on the front edge of industry development and innovation.

As leaders in our industry ACTION has an obligation to keep all of our customers apprised of industry change and innovation that would result in a benefit to them.

Action Car and Truck Accessories has been awarded a number of industry awards and has been recognized by some of the largest organizations in North America.