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A trailer hitch is essential for hauling, but when it’s not in use, an open receiver hitch is like having a hole in your bumper. This leaves you susceptible to all sorts of rust, dirt, and debris, and without enough damage to your receiver hitch, you won’t even be able to use your ball mount, shutting down any future tow jobs. Fortunately, there’s a solution in hitch covers. A hitch cover doesn’t just protect your bumper, it also adds a fun new style to your truck.

A trailer hitch cover is an effective device for keeping your receiver hitch in top condition. Simply slide the cover into the hitch opening and you’re good to go. There are different designs to each cover, including a ‘pin and clip’ installation, as well as a clip-free, rubber hitch receiver cover that uses a friction fit to stay in place. With different designs, materials, and universal fitment, there are plenty of fun options for keeping your hitch covered up.

If you use your truck for hauling, you know how vital a good hitch receiver is. With a hitch cover, you can keep that investment protected for as long as possible. Improve your truck’s already stellar dependability and pick up a truck hitch cover today!