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Leaf Springs & Components

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Leaf springs are a classic suspension component. Although they’ve been phased out for newer technology, leaf springs are still reliable load-bearers in suspension setups. And if you have a suspension kit that still uses them, we have the parts you need to support your classic suspension.

With our leaf springs for trucks, you can quickly restore ride height and quality to your worn-out suspension. We also provide accessories to keep your leaf springs operating smoothly. For example, our leaf spring u-bolts will help hold your system in place. A helper springs kit will work with your leaf springs for even greater support.

Failing suspension can cause poor handling, your vehicle bottoming out, or abnormal tire wear. Fixing up your aging leaf springs will help prevent several suspension problems later. Have you noticed your truck handling poorly, or does your driving feel extra bumpy? Be proactive and pick up leaf springs for your truck today.