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The Enthuze 2000-Lb. 12 Volt DC Electric ATV Winch has a permanent magnet motor which draws less current, making it ideal for ATV use. The Differential Planetary gear system allows for fast line speed while the automatic load-holding brake provides maximum safety. It has free spooling for a fast line-out, a roller fairlead with nylon bushings and an aircraft-grade wire rope.
    • Permanent magnet motor draws less current
    • Freespool for faster rigging and vehicle recover
    • Automatic load-holding brake for maximum safety
    • Includes 50' x 5/32in. Galvanized Aircraft Wire Rope
    • Includes wired handheld remote control
    • Included mounting brackets and hardware
    • Colour coded wires for easy installation
    • Rated Single Line Pull: 2,000lb (907kg)
    • Application: Utility/Shop/ATV
    • Motor: 12V DC 1.1 HP Permanent Magnet
    • Power In & Power Out: Yes
    • Duty Cycle Rating: 5% (45 Seconds at Max Rated Load
    • 14 minutes, 15 seconds rest)
    • Wired Remote Controller: Wired, 10ft (3.04m) Long
    • Gear Train: Differential Planetary
    • Gear Ratio153:1
    • Free Spool: Pull and Turn
    • Brake: Automatic Load Holding Dynamic
    • Drum Diameter: 1.24" X 2.83" (31.5mm x 72 mm)
    • Hook: 1/4" Clevis, with Spring-Loaded Safety Latch
    • Fairlead: Roller with Nylon Bushings
    • Wire Rope Size /Type: 5/32" x 50' (4.0mmX15.2m)
    • 7X19 Galvanized Steel
    • Aircraft-Grade Wire Rope
    • Battery: 12V DC Minimum 12Ah
    • Battery Cables: 10 Gauge,6' (1.83m) long
    • Mounting Bolt Pattern: 3.15’’ (80mm)
    • Mounting Hardware: Winch: 2xG8, M8-1.25X35mm (0.05” X 1.38’’ )
    • Overload Protection: In-line Circuit Breaker
    • Sound Rating: 85 db
    • Overall Dimensions (L X D X H) : 11.1"×4.6"×4.2” (282mm×117mm×106mm)
    • Weight: 13.2lb (5.98 kg)
    • IP Rating: IP 65 - Winch and Controls (resistant to water jets)
    • To prevent serious injury, read and understand the owner's manual before operating
    • Do not exceed the rated load capacity
    • This winch is intended for pulling only
    • Do not use to transport people or animals
    • Keep hands clear of winch rope, hook loop, hook and fairlead opening during installation and operation, and when spooling in our out.
    • Wear ANSI-approved safety goggles and heavy-duty leather work gloves during installation and use
    • Do not engage or disengage the clutch while loaded
    • Keep bystanders out of the area while operating the winch
    • Not for use by or around children


    • PROP 65 WARNING: california warning: cancer and reproductive harm -



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    Enthuze 2000 lb Winch, Steel Rope

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