Arrow Stick BracketHeadlight BracketBackrack#BAC91004

Universal Fitment

This product may be universal or not specifically made for your vehicle. Modifications may or may not be needed to use this product.

Brackets fasten to horizontal tube assembly using metal screws. Drilling required to fasten and locate Brackets. One pair of Z Brackets and fasteners included in package. Sliding Bolts in aluminum extrusion on Arrow Stick fasten to holes in Brackets. Arrow Stick sits just above horizontal tube assembly just behind the Backrack. Suitable for Backrack or Safety Rack. Compatible with 91002, 91002 REC, 91006.

Twenty years ago we made our first BACKRACK. Since then we have seen competitors come and go trying to copy our design. While they might add a one size fits all product to complete their product line, they can't match our attention to detail that results in a custom fit, no drill application tailored to fit your truck. BACKRACK is our only product and all our energies are focused on offering you the best product possible. It also costs you big money at the end of a lease so we design our install kits with clever bolts that don't require drilling. If however your truck doesn't have stake pockets we must break the code. Trucks come in different widths. Cabs come in different heights. One rack to fit all trucks might be convenient for the manufacturer but won't look so good on your truck. Our competitors try to take the easy way out by making a one size fits all deal at the expense of your trucks good looks. We however have taken the time to design our products for each and every truck. Use our Choose your Ride feature to get the right product for your truck. Oh yeah, one size fits all is another way of saying let's drill some holes in your truck. Twenty years ago we designed the BACKRACK. Twenty years later the same man still owns the company and still gets dirty in the shop on occasion. When a business owner is involved in the day to day operations of a business he is personally invested. The result is a quality product created by caring employees. Although our manufacturing processes are modern, our commitment to quality is old school.

  • Pair
  • Incl. Self Tapping Screws
  • Backrack And Safety Rack
  • Includes Four Self Tap Screws
  • Durable Powdercoat Finish
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Usage Utility Light

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