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The Tire Linc TPMS system from CURT allows you to monitor tire pressure and temperature as you tow in real-time. This helps you to prevent towing with overinflated or underinflated tires. Not only can this be dangerous, but manually checking your tires before, during, and after towing can be quite a hassle. With Tire Linc you can receive notifications directly to your smartphone that keeps you informed on tire temperature and pressure, as you tow. Improper pressure can be bad for your vehicle and cause costly and dangerous damage, but Tire Linc keeps you informed of your tire status, helping you to stay aware and prevent a blowout. Tire Linc enables you to effortlessly monitor up to 20 tires simultaneously, making it the ideal solution for towing 5th wheel RVs, travel trailers, boat trailers, and agricultural or utility trailers. Seamlessly integrated with the CURT OneControl® app, our TPMS technology provides real-time notifications on the status of your tires, straight to your smartphone. This eliminates the need for multiple cumbersome monitors and displays on your dashboard, streamlining your monitoring experience. Simply connect your repeater to the dock, screw on the Tire Linc sensors and link your system to the OneControl app. The custom app enables you to personalize your preferred tire ranges, putting you in complete control of your tire monitoring. With this advanced tire monitoring system, you can stay informed, confident, and safe on the road. Tire Linc is engineered with advanced repeater technology that amplifies the signal transmitted by the tire sensors, ensuring that your smartphone always has a strong connection and receives the most current information. The system includes four sensors and repeater and dock assemblies, while the Alert Indicator and additional sensors are available as optional add-ons. As an industry leading supplier of premier towing products, CURT is dedicated to enhancing your towing experience with a wide selection of top
    • Actively monitors tire pressures and temperatures in real-time
    • Provides push notifications when hazardous conditions occur to prevent blowouts
    • Works seamlessly with the OneControl® Auto app on iOS and Android devices
    • Connects wirelessly through your smartphone via Bluetooth connection
    • Repeater technology strengthens wireless signal for reliable connectivity
    • Kit includes 4 sensors and can also monitor up to 20 tires simultaneously
    • Additional sensors are available for purchase for monitoring extra tires
    • Includes rechargeable lithium-powered battery for up to 60 hours of active use
    • Automatically enters low-power mode when not in motion to preserve battery
    • Can be permanently wired with provided splice-in wiring harness
    • IP67-rated construction is dustproof and waterproof up to one meter
    • Portable design allows use with multiple trailers
    • Easy, do-it-yourself installation
    • Sensors come with CR1632 batteries (replaceable)



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    Tire Linc Auto Advanced TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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