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DEFA interior heater uses a PTC (PTC = Positive Temperature Coefficient) heating element which self adjusts the output power according to the inside temperature of the car. As the interior temperature increases, the power will gradually be reduced accordingly. The interior heater is equipped with an automatic overtemperature protection. If the system stops, simply unplug the power for 20 minutes to allow the system to reset.To have the best heating result, it is recommended to install it on the central console with the output grill facing up to enhance Air Flow (see image).
The Cabin Heater can be installed and secured by using the provided bracket and screws. It can be also be switched off and/or removed in summertime thanks to its removable bracket system.
DEFA Cabin Heater is part of DEFA WarmUp System, and it can be ungraded with any of the DEFA Line components on Board Charger, Control unit, Engine Heater) at any time.
Power: Max 1200 W at -25 C
Current: 15A
Tension: 120V
Size (H/W/D - mm or inch) 182/138/36 or 7.2"/5.4"/1.4"
  • Bracket for secure installation and removable option in summer time
  • Self-regulated heating/power output (900-1200w) based on ambient temperature
  • Durable and long lasting shell and fan tested in severe vibration conditions
  • Super power (1200w) in a compact size
  • Thermal switcher to prevent overheat
  • Ptc technology for full safety (no burning coils)
  • Elegant and compact designed (36mm/1.4")
  • Warranty 2 years unlimited km and usage
  • Cord Set and Cabin Heater cable are required to Function



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