Pullwire KitWire Holder ToolDEFA#DEF460866

Universal Fitment

This product may be universal or not specifically made for your vehicle. Modifications may or may not be needed to use this product.

If you install a cabin heater or you need to pull cables through firewalls and/or difficult areas, just invest a minum money that will safe you time at work.
Thanks to its PlugIn system on one end, it will allow you to pull the various DEFA cables easily and safe also through difficult areas (i.e. Grommet).
Its special material will offer long lasting performance, flexibility and safety by preventing to transfer electricity through the pull wire if you the pullwire cable will be used in proximity of vehicle electrical wiresIts pointed end will help to penetrate also strong and hard rubber grommets by creating the right space to pull the rest of the cable.

  • Note! Do not store the DEFA Pullwire in a coil!
  • PlugIn female plug (B1)
  • Recommended when installing cabin heater cable
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