Connecting Power Cable; 2m Hanging CordPower Cord PlugDEFA#DEF460937

Universal Fitment

This product may be universal or not specifically made for your vehicle. Modifications may or may not be needed to use this product.

DEFA Power Cable type hanging cord uses the DEFA PlugIn system to offer maximum safety and protection of the connectors. For this reason this type of cable solution is recommend for stationary unit and not designed to be connected and disconnected frequently. This will compromise durability and integrity while reducing insulation of the electrical prongs.
Length: 2m/6.6'
Current: 13A
Voltage: 120V
Certification SJOW (Jr cable up to 3000V, Oil and Weather resistance

  • Do not use this cord in proximity of hot surfaces and/or compartments such as the engine
  • SJOW Certification allows you maximum safety and durability against Oil and Weather
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