WARMUP ASSEMBLY Futura - Zero Idling Charging and HeatingCab and Cargo HeaterDEFA#DEF472911

Universal Fitment

This product may be universal or not specifically made for your vehicle. Modifications may or may not be needed to use this product.

Directly engineered and tested in the Nordics since the '80s, it offers more comfort, and reliability over the life time of the vehicle.
This innovative package includes 3 accessories:
- On-board SMART battery charger: Monitors and maintains battery at a healthy state of charge while preventing overchargingand sulfating.
- Interior Cabin Heater: Smallest and most efficient heater in the world. It adjusts power usage based on cabin temperature.
- Programmable Control Unit: With a wired in car controlled unit, it allows you to separately control the heating system from the charging function and to program your heating system so your vehicle is ready when you need it, without wasting electricity or using fuel. You can program the system and also monitor the voltage of your battery.
The WarmUp Assembly can also be completed with engine heater for you pick-up and Van (call DEFA for available solutions).
Cabin Heater: 1200W
On-Board Charger: up to 5A includes 3.5m/11.4' 12V harness with fuse
Control unit (Futura) in Car: 12V powered by charger

Needs Cord Set to be activated.Engine Heater for Ford, GM, RAM available separately.Recommended use of pull wire

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  • 1200W Cabin Heater
  • Auto Heating time
  • On-Board Charger (up to 5A)
  • Program 2 pick-up time (every day)
  • Universal application
  • Voltage Monitoring
  • Warranty 2 Years unlimited Km and usage
  • Zero Idling Charging and heating system
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