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Young Electric bicycles become the ultimate choice for people who want to exercise on their schedule – not just when the gyms are open.
Young Electric bicycles provide a safe, reliable and convenient way to embark on new adventures with loved ones and friends, stay active or just take you where you need to be.

High Performance A combination of Powerful Motor, advanced Torque Senor and ultra-precise controller creates integrated drive system, making real-time adjustments to optimize speed, performance, and battery life, which could be comparable to the Bosch system. The patented clutch design in the motor minimizes friction and resistance. This ensures a smoother ride, maximizes coasting distance, and conserves battery life.
Torque Sensor A torque sensor determines the amount of force being applied on the pedals(by the rider) and then sends signals to the controller to release enough power from the battery to boost the rider’s effort. The result is the electric motor spinning the wheel to push the bike forward.
Torque sensor will increase the efficiency of an electric bike. It gives you required power whenever you need regardless of terrain or speed. It will let motor give you the extra boost when needed most such as climbing a hill or accelerating, it will stop motor working when you ride downhills.
  • Integrated Driving System
  • Ultra-Precision Dual-Side Torque Sensor
  • Ergonomic Design For Relaxing Cycling
  • Shimano Tourney 7-Speed Derailleur
  • Smooth Ride With Suspension Fork
  • 3.5” Backlit LCD Display
  • Up to 90 miles/145 km Range Depending on Assist Mode And Terrain
  • Bright Headlight And Multiple Reflector Components
  • Industry-leading brand Greenway 36V, 10.4AH Battery Pack, fully charges within 5.5 hours, rides up to 90 miles (145 km) on a single charge
  • Chain & Fender Guards help protect your bicycle, keeping mud away from your suspension and foreign objects away from your chain. They help improve the bike’s lifetime and avoid costly repairs.
  • Young e-bikes are equipped with Shimano transmission system, Karasawa disc brake, KMC chains and CST tires, all these industry-leading brands are internationally recognized for superior quality and performance.
  • Built-in reflectors on wheels, tires, pedals and rear rack, as well as bright headlight improve visibility, bell can alert other cyclists or pedestrians when you are approaching or passing them.
  • Ergonomic design of frame and handlebar keep your straight-back sitting on a Selle Royal suspension saddle seat, it’s hard to find a more relaxing or comfortable cycle than a Young e-bike.
  • Observe your current speed, battery life, trip range, pedal assist level and more on one convenient 3.5-inch screen. A built-in backlight ensures all your important info is always just a glance away.
  • Young e-bikes are built for all kinds of terrain. Adjust the built-in shock absorbers and enjoy a smooth ride wherever your travels take you.


  • Weight: 54 lbs



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Young Electric 27.5" Step-Through Bike Matte Gun Metal



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