INLINE SPEEDOMETER CALIBRATOR 2016-2018 FORD F-150; 2017 FORD F-250/F-350/F-450Speedometer CalibratorHypertech#HYP730125

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Hypertech's Inline Speedometer Calibrator module is designed to correct the speedometer and odometer for unlimited tire sizes and/or rear gear ratios. This module is perfect for vehicles with computers that don't allow for tire size and/or rear gear ratio correction or want to re-calibrate for tire sizes and/or rear gear ratios outside the range of programmers.

  • Speedometer/odometer calibration for non-stock tires and rear end gears.
  • No upper tire size limit.
  • Works with all valid gear ratios.
  • No cutting or splicing.
  • Uses factory connectors.
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