This product may be universal or missing important fitment information for your vehicle. For vehicle specific items requiring fitment, please consult with an Action representative before ordering as some items are non refundable.

  • Flexible Split Component Wire Elements
    Our new thermal elements have super-low profile thermostats and flat-braid nylon shielded wire leads which substantially reduce the profile of the seat heater pad on the surface of the seat foam, making our pad virtually undetectable under factory cloth upholstery.

    Modular Relay Harness Design
    Unique connection interfaces between all seat heater component connection plugs and the central relay harness sockets make installation simple and easy every step of the way!

    No Pad Alteration
    Our new seat heater design features a "no-cut" thermal element, giving the installer the advantage of an efficient install done with 100% confidence and 0% stress!

    QuadraTherm's precision-fit pads are a turn-to-fit design -- giving you the flexibility to adapt your pad layout to suit listing channels of any style:
  • Hog-ring/Cable Tie & Wire/Plastic Anchor Points
  • Velcro Hook & Loop Strip Fasteners
  • Plastic Snap-In Tracks

    Added Level of Safety
    QuadraTherm's heater elements are treated for protection against electrical arcing adding an extra level of safety and peace of mind for both you and your clients
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