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You'll never look at a Tundra the same way after installing Rough Country's 6-inch Toyota Tundra kit. This all-inclusive kit is a total transformation for your truck, with durable lifted knuckles, protective skid plate, and all the brackets and hardware needed to set your truck to a factory-like geometry while providing additional ground clearance. The beefy front crossmember features a high-clearance design to help traverse off-road obstacles with no hang-ups.Run larger wheels and tires while giving your truck a one-of-a-kind look and exceptional off-road performance. This kit affords your truck an aggressive appearance and a higher profile that is sure to demand attention. This kit includes Rough Country's Nitrogen-charged N3 Shocks for the ultimate balance in highway ride quality and off-road vibration dampening. Includes Rough Country's Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.
    • 2016-2020:2WD:Toyota:Tundra
    • Unmatched ground clearance due to high clearance crossmember design.
    • 100% precision laser cut materials used in latest computer aided design process.
    • Levels the front with the rear of the vehicle
    • Will work with factory 18-inch or larger wheels.
    • Requires no modification to the stock differential mounts, drivetrain or exhaust.
    • Fabricated blocks are stronger and offer a longer lifespan than cast blocks.
    • Cutting and drilling is required.
    • Does NOT fit Pro Series models
    • Does NOT fit XSP-X models.
    • Requires 18-inch or larger wheels.
    • Stock 18-inch or larger wheels can be used but can accommodate tires no wider than 11.5-inch.
    • In some cases minor trimming may be needed to clear 35-inch tires.
    • On vehicles equipped with a two piece driveshaft there is the potential for take off vibration, this can be corrected with SKU: 1776BOX1 carrier bearing shim kit.
    • Please view instructions for complete information on proper tire / wheel combinations.
    • Installation Time: 8-10 hours
    • Tire Info: 35x12.50R18:18x8.5:5x150:-:-
    • 35x12.50R18:18x8.5:5x150:-:Minor trimming
    • 35x12.50R18:18x9:5x150:+20:-
    • 35x12.50R20:20x9:5x150:+18:-



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    6 Inch Lift Kit | Toyota Tundra 2WD/4WD (2016-2021)

    By Rough Country -



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