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Universal Fitment

This product may be universal or not specifically made for your vehicle. Modifications may or may not be needed to use this product.

RHI is setting the new standard in lug nut design and technology. We've engineered our lug nuts to surpass the highest standards and quality of OEM. With the addition of our AntiWear Lug Nuts with 18-Point contact and Neoshield coating, these are the absolute finest lug nuts ever produced.

Our patent pending Neoshield coating uses highly advanced nanotechnology to add a special layer to the exterior of fasteners. This unique aerospace coasting fuses to the surface of the lugnut and virtually eliminates all porosity. The result is a smoother, shinier and significantly more durable finish that delivers superior protection against rust and corrosion. Our cutting-edge Neoshield design allows our lugs to hold up untarnished in 300+ hours of salt spray testing, which sets RHI as the new standard in lug nuts.

Nanoshield coating delivers extreme durability
Triple nickel plating further protects the life of then lug nut
Both chrome plated and black finish exceeds 300+ hour salt spray tests
Cold forged and heat treated for superior hardness and durability
Two-piece construction
Anitwear 18 point available in chrome or black
All RHI lug nuts are made of 1045 carbon steel and heat treated to 10.9 grade hardness

  • Contents: 28 LUGS, 4 LOCKS, 1 KEY
  • Finish: ZINC
  • Kit Type: 8 LUG
  • Length (in): 0.87
  • Length (mm): 22
  • Style: BULGE ACORN (18 POINT)
  • Lug Nut Size 9/16
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