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This 13 foot/4 meter wiring harness is designed to connect a single LED light bar to your 12V electrical system. It features battery terminals on one end and a Deutsch connector on the other to connect to the light. It incorporates an inline fuse holder, a 12V relay, and a waterproof switch. This harness is compatible with the following RIGID LED Lights: 40 inch-50 inch E-Series PRO, 20 inch-54 inch RDS-Series PRO.
  • Designed And Engineered By RIGID
  • Inline Fuse Holder; 12V Relay And A Waterproof Switch
  • Professional Installation Recommended, RIGID Accessories, Fits 40-50 Inch E-Series PRO And 20-54 Inch RDS-Series PRO.


  • Add-On: 1063, 1067, 1031, 30130, 30140, 30150
  • ASIN: no
  • Product Family: accessories
  • Product Weight: 1
  • What's In The Package: wire harness, switch



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Wire Harness, Fits E-Series 40-50 Inch And RDS-Series 20-54 Inch

By RIGID Industries -



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