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The (2010+) Toyota Tundra - OEM Harness provides an easy and convenient way to connect our cameras to the built-in radio/display in your pickup truck. Avoid the lengthy time it takes to run cabling through your truck, use your truck's built-in wiring system instead. This OEM harness comes with a 6" 4 Pin Female to 5 Pin Female adapter for an easy and hassle-free connection to our cameras.

Note: harness only works with CMOS cameras.

Please Note: In order to use this harness you must be replacing an existing OEM camera or have a camera ready vehicle.

Note: Before installing the camera - make sure the monitor is flashed to read the cameras.
  • Connect our cameras to truck's built-in radio/display
  • Compatible with: toyota tundra (2010+)
  • No need to run cabling through vehicle



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