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The Hill Tracker from Maxtrek is an all-season, winter-rated tire for off-road enthusiasts looking for exceptional strength.

Designed for off-road driving, the Hill Tracker tire, as its name suggests, allows you to climb hills effortlessly.

The Hill Tracker provides optimal traction and stability on the road and muddy trails. It's designed to transition easily from everyday on-road driving to off-road driving.

A tire that provides rugged power and superior grip in rain and snow.

Available at great prices, Hill Tracker tires are sure to satisfy.

    • Exceptional levels of traction
    • Outstanding off-road performance
    • A tire that reduces the risk of hydroplaning



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    LT245/75R16 120/116S Maxtrek Hill Tracker 10 Ply 3PMS

    By Canada Tire -



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