The New Drive Pro

The New Drive Pro

20% Lighter and Strong As Ever Starting At $5,600


Dura-Slick Paint with TeflonĀ®

Field Adjustable Trip Springs



Slot and Tab Construction

Continuously Welded Ribs

Meyer plows are continuously welded on the outside ribs. This Meyer exclusive not only gives our plows a more rugged look, but more importantly, it increases their strength and performance so they can handle anything Mother Nature sends their way.

Pre-drilled Deflector Holes

5-Year America's Best Warranty

EZ-Mount Plus System

The EZ-Mount Plus system offers premium features such as self-diagnostics and hands-free plowing. Both conveniently attach or detach in under a minute and leave the vehicle with an off-the-assembly line appearance when not attached.

Reliable and Responsive Operation

The driving force behind every Meyer snow plow is a reliable and responsive hydraulic system. The EZ-mount plus triple-layered sealed coils and connectors virtually eliminate corrosion and moisture often found in electrical and mechanical systems. And unlike competitive systems, all Meyer hydraulic systems ship standard with custom-molded covers to help protect the units from road salt and grime.

System Diagnostics

One-Piece Plug (Patented)

Unlike competitors who have up to three plugs, the Meyer EZ-Mount Plus system comes with a one-piece patented plug to connect/disconnect the plow from the vehicle. No more fumbling in the middle of the night trying to figure out which plug goes where. The one-piece plug gets you back in the cab faster and easier.

Hands-Free Plowing - A Meyer Exclusive

EZ-1 deluxe pistol grip or joystick.  Both controllers feature diagnostics and a Hands-Free Plowing (HFP) mode. When activated, HFP uses the shift lever to control the up/down movement of the blade. The EZ-1 pistol grip controller also features double-click technology.  Simply double-click a button, and the moldboard will automatically move in that direction without having to keep your finger on the button.