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Trailer Jacks

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Trailers shouldn’t sit in one place for too long, especially if they’re heavily loaded. Otherwise, you might experience uneven tire wear and unnecessary stress on the trailer’s frame. If you have an RV, an uneven trailer might displace refrigerant fluid and cause the built-in fridge to fail. To prevent these issues, trailer jacks are a useful tool that keeps your trailer stable while it’s away from your truck.

The fact is, every trailer needs a trailer jack while unhitched. Trailer jacks don’t just stabilize your trailer and give it support. These tools are also necessary for raising or lowering your trailer’s front end while you’re trying to hitch it.

You can pick up a trailer jack with a wheel to make coupling your trailer even easier. The extra mobility provided by a trailer jack wheel will make set-up even easier. Plus, they include safety pull-pins that keep them from rolling away while the jack is secured. They’re a functional upgrade that makes using a trailer jack even more convenient.