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Trucks are a perfect companion for the great outdoors. Whether you’re going hiking, camping, or off-roading, your truck is there to take you to your next great adventure. Your truck is already alongside you, so why not make it even better equipped for nature? With a truck bed tent, you can even camp from the comfort of your own truck. Truck tents are another great tool that expands your truck's utility in innovative ways.

Why choose a truck bed tent over a basic tent? Truck tents offer plenty of advantages. Because these shelters attach to your truck bed, you can set them up anywhere. If a truck can get there, so can a truck tent. These tents are also easy to install and give you a fully-functional shelter within minutes. And because you're sleeping out of your truck, it's also easier to keep the rest of your gear within reach.

Whether you're into hiking, camping, or tailgating, there are truck tent accessories designed for you. You'll find everything from awnings to full-sized tents in our online store --plus accessories like mattresses and coolers to make your next outing even more comfortable. These sturdy, weatherproof shelters are a great investment for anyone who loves having a little adventure in their life.