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From shelves to tool boxes to ladder racks, WeatherGuard has made a name for itself as a premium supplier of truck equipment. WeatherGuard accessories are known for their extreme durability and security --protecting you both from extreme weather conditions and break-ins with ease. They also offer plenty of storage solutions to help keep your truck organized.

If you’re looking to get organized, then a WeatherGuard tool box is perfect for you! With dependable materials like steel and diamond-plated aluminum, these boxes are extremely secure.

They also have special designs, like a WeatherGuard low profile tool box that doesn’t force you to sacrifice truck bed space, or designs that can be used with truck bed rails. You can also shop for individual WeatherGuard tool box parts, including caster wheels for mobility, and divider trays for extra organization.

If you’re interested in even more storage solutions, WeatherGuard offers other dependable products for you. You can use a WeatherGuard ladder rack to carry long and irregular objects overhead, or bed slides to turn your truck bed into a giant toolbox. Each product under the WeatherGuard name carries the brand’s commitment to durability and high quality. Action Trucks carries plenty of WeatherGuard products so you can experience their toughness and quality first-hand!